The rats of NIMH may soon be on the move again. Citing sources at Paramount, both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are saying Neil Burger (The Illusionist) is in talks to adapt Robert C. O’Brien’s award-winning 1971 book Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH for a new film, though it remains unclear if the updated version will be animated or live action with animation. The movie would be the second time the book had been brought to the silver screen, with Don Bluth’s beloved, classic 1982 original The Secret of NIMH being the first. That version boasted vocal talents of a wide array of actors — including everyone from the late Elizabeth Hartman and Dom DeLuise, to Shannen Doherty and Wil Wheaton, to Derek Jacobi and John Carradine — and was critically acclaimed for its detailed, hand-drawn animation.