By EW Staff
Updated July 29, 2009 at 05:52 PM EDT

Nadya “Octomom” Suleman, 33, signed a contract in May with production company Eyeworks for her family to star in a reality show, her lawyer confirms to EW. Production on the show (which is not yet attached to a network) has begun, but Suleman’s 14 children are currently being kept off camera while work permit issues are considered. There is no name for the show yet and no due date has been officially set.

“It most likely will be aired in the UK first once it gets finished, but there has been substantial interest from a U.S. major cable network,” Jeffrey Czech, Suleman’s lawyer, explained over email. “Eyeworks has commenced filming Ms. Suleman and has been careful not to film the children.”

Attempts to contact Eyeworks for comment have gone unanswered.

Meanwhile, an Orange County judge is considering whether a permanent financial guardian should be appointed to oversee the children’s earnings from the show (reportedly $250,000 over the next three years) and ensure that they are not exploited. On Monday, a California judge appointed a lawyer to temporarily oversee the estate of the octuplets, according to the AP. Czech said a hearing on guardianship is scheduled for Aug. 31 and that Suleman has a motion to dismiss the guardianship order set to be heard on Aug. 20. “The appointment of a guardian most assuredly will affect the ability of Nadya to contract with a production company,” Czech said.

Czech told EW that Suleman agreed to do the show so that she does not have to accept state financial aid to cover the costs of raising her large family. “Nadya needs the money to support her family; why on earth would she not accept [a reality show] offer?” Czech said. “She has major expenses to raise her children. Therefore, the allegations that she is using her children for her own financial gain are simply not true.”