By Ken Tucker
Updated July 29, 2009 at 02:48 PM EDT

Leslie Mann, actor and lissome co-star of the new movie Funny People, is making the rounds of talk shows to promote the movie. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel, she proved once again that she’s a first-rate talk-show guest, as she spoke blithely and amusingly about shaving the back of her husband, Funny People creator Judd Apatow:

Mann has a distinct charm: she comes on all dithery and ditzy, but it only takes a few seconds after she folds her legs beneath a talk-show chair for her to reveal that she’s also fast and clever, as in this exchange last week with David Letterman:

Mann is scheduled to appear on Jimmy Fallon tonight. It may be time to consider entering her into that club of reliably funny talk-show-guest women whose hall of fame includes Teri Garr and Bonnie Hunt.

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