By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated July 28, 2009 at 08:45 PM EDT

I’m officially (if, until now, somewhat secretly) psyched to see that ABC Family has renewed its guilty treat of a gymnastics show, Make It or Break It, for another season. Why? Last night’s episode provided all the reasons I could need (besides, of course, this earlier scene to end all scenes):

1. The cute rocker boy Emily (the scrappy one from the wrong side of the tracks) works with at the pizza place (where she’s not supposed to work because it’s a distraction from her Olympic training…omg dramz everywhere!). Emily, upon his expressing interest in coming to her meet: “I could use the moral support.” Cute Rocker Boy: “The morality of my support is definitely in question.” Sorta dirty, sorta hot, sorta nonsensical. Just the way I like it.

2. The love triangle among the girl who looks like Whitney Port, good girl Kaylee, and Kaylee’s boyfriend (who, oops, had sex with the girl who looks like Whitney Port).
Here’s why you do a show about gymnasts: Because they have a “no dating” rule to — like the work rule — cut down on distractions. Everything’s more interesting with rules to break. And will-have-sex vs. will-not conflict is better than watching folks on Secret Life of the American Teenager talk sex to death.

addCredit(“Craig Sjodin/ABC”)

3. More fun with gymnasts: What other show could have a cortisone-shot plot line? Except maybe a show about people with arthritis, which would probably be a tough sell on ABC Family.There seemed to be hints of possible eating disorders to come, too, when Kaylee’s dad made her weigh in at home — a great issue for a show like this to tackle responsibly.

4. The hot new blond, scruffy coach. Age appropriate goodness for anyone over 21! Bonus points for Kaylee’s pop star mom having an affair with the old coach, who ditched the gym for a shinier, bigger one (under threat of blackmail…man, there’s a lot going on here).

5. Candace Cameron vs. Whitney Port. Loving former D.J. Tanner playing the hot, young now-future-stepmom fighting Whitney Port for her single dad’s attention.

6. The gymnastics, duh. As if all the drama isn’t enough, you get to watch a gymnastics meet at the end! And they do a great job of keeping you up on what’s happening — thanks mostly to crowd gasps and groans and the play-by-play announcer — without getting too annoying about it. Now we finally know the truth: When an Olympic gymnast blows a dismount, obviously it’s because the guy from the pizza place didn’t show up like he said he would or the guy she slept with is waving at someone else or her mom is sleeping with her ex-coach or her dad just got engaged.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you watching Make It or Break It? What are your favorite cheese-tastic parts?