By Annie Barrett
July 28, 2009 at 08:01 PM EDT

On last night’s Tonight Show, Team Conan had spent the day uncovering the truth about Sarah Palin’s imagery-laden farewell speech: It was intended to be a poem instead. Wherefore art The Shat to recite it? Aye, his lordship was lying in wait for his cue backstage. William Shatner’s dramatic reading comes just six weeks after he livened up NBC’s late-night block by telling Conan all about his deepest, darkest mid-piss hallucinations. (Excerpt plays after a short ad in the video below.)

Shatner’s calming cadence puts me in a slight trance, but Palin did hit the high note in “Cheechakos” with a bit more conviction. Whose reading do you find more authentic?

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