By Annie Barrett
Updated July 27, 2009 at 09:08 PM EDT

Top Gear host James May has decided to build a two-story house composed entirely of Legos for his BBC2 series James May’s Toy Stories. (He previously built “Paradise in Plasticine” for the Chelsea Flower Show, which looks really cool, even though it’s missing a Plasticine porter with looking-glass ties.) More than 3 million Lego bricks have been delivered to the build site in a section of Surrey, England called (seriously) Dorking. The Lego house will feature a life-size staircase, shower, and flushing toilet. “We think it’s possible,” says May re: the fully functioning lavatory, which would be a revolution for “bricks” in so many ways. May has invited the general public to a building day on Saturday, Aug. 1. That’s cute that he thinks humans would do a good job, but I suspect most of the volunteers will just stand around drinking alcopops and watch the guys in the following video do all the work for them.

If all goes well, May plans to live in the house himself for a weekend. Jealous! But, serious question: Would you rather live in a Lego house or a Lincoln Logs house? I know which option seems more attractive, but please consider the issue of safety here. Foot-splinters are temporarily annoying, but a bunch of circles embedded in your face from a Lego pillow could last a lifetime.