By Michael Ausiello
Updated July 27, 2009 at 10:42 PM EDT

The A.C.D. is taking a rare detour to movieland to bring you exclusive scoop on (natch) The Smurfs Movie – specifically, details about the two lead roles currently being cast. Beware, the following info contains plot spoilers…

SOPHIE: A pre-teen girl who possesses enormous smarts and great imagination, but who is socially and physically clumsy. She discovers that the doll her dad brought home from Belgium is actually a living, breathing Smurf. And not just any Smurf — Clumsy Smurf! Sophie tries to get her mom and dad to embrace Clumsy as a member of the family, but ultimately realizes what he really wants is to reunite with his fellow Smurfs.

Armchair Casting Director suggests Michael Ausiello for this role.

SAM: Sophie’s 15-year-old brother. He’s a good kid, but has a tendency to be difficult and withdrawn. He gets involved in helping Clumsy return home and, as a result, bonds with his sister.

Armchair Casting Director also suggests Michael Ausiello for this role.

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