I’m not usually a fan of book trailers, which are generally more slipshod than your average piano-playing cat video and considerably less entertaining. But this one — for a new short story by Jim Shepard (Project X) titled “Your Fate Hurtles Down at You” — caught my attention. It’s included in a new ‘zine called Electric Literature, a bimonthly anthology of short stories that’s available in a unique multi-platform distribution system: You can pick up a paperback edition via print on demand ($9.95 from Amazon); or download a copy to your iPhone or Kindle ($4.95); or just read it online as an e-book ($4.95). The debut issue includes an excerpt from The Hours author Michael Cunningham’s forthcoming novel, Olympia, as well as stories by Lydia Millet (My Happy Life), T Cooper (Lipshitz Six, or Two Angry Blondes), Diana Wagman (Skin Deep). The trailer for “Your Fate Hurtles Down at You” captures all the intrigue of a good NPR narrative piece and the spare wit of really strong animation.