By Michael Ausiello
Updated July 27, 2009 at 11:25 PM EDT

Scrubs has officially started casting the three new med students exec producer Bill Lawrence first told me about last month. Details are as follows…

LUCY: A 22-year-old, all-American girl from a working class family. Her entire family has sacrificed all their hopes and dreams on her success. She has a nervous habit of lying about mundane things in an effort to connect with people. Series regular.

DREW: A 30-year-old scruffy yet attractive student. Think a younger Bill Murray. This is his last shot of making a go of this med school thing – and he knows it. On the surface he’s cool and a bit of a wise-ass. Deep down, he’s neurotic and terrified of failing again. Series regular.

COLE: A 22-year-old charming, conservative, insanely entitled med student. Seems like a sweetheart at first but he’s really an ass. His wealthy family donated a wing to the med school and he has a residency slot waiting for him at Sacred Heart when he graduates. Competitive, manipulative, reckless and an enormous irritant to Dr. Cox. Series regular.

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