By Lynette Rice
July 26, 2009 at 04:39 AM EDT

Lucky Comic-Con-goers today got a look at the pilotfor ABC’s V, a retelling of the 1980s sci-fi miniseries about a mysteriousalien invasion that purports to come in peace. The packed ballroom keptthe enthusiasm in check for most of the pilot, save an initial cheerfor Elizabeth Mitchell’s butt-kicking skills as an FBI agent and theappearance of Morena Baccarin, aka the gorgeous actress who plays Anna,the high commander of the alien species. Afterwards, there wasn’t muchtime for the stars to talk about the CG-heavy pilot (and yep, the spaceships look pretty legit) — though Mitchell admitted to loving the oldminiseries and how she still remembers the “alien babies” (for more onhow Mitchell will balance her new role on V and any loose ends she mayor may not have to tie up in Lost, read more here).

Fans were particularly thrilled to see Alan Tudyk (Firefly and Dollhouse) playing Mitchell’s FBI partner, while exec producer ScottPeters says the references to contemporary topics (like universalhealth care) were more than just coincidental (the aliens offer freehealth care for all, among other frightening things). “Wouldn’t it benice if 29 ships showed up to say, ‘We’ll help’?” he said.

V, which also stars Scott Wolf (Party of Five) as aTV journalist who snags the first interview with Anna, debuts inNovember on ABC.

addCredit(“David Gray/ABC”)