July 25, 2009 at 07:16 AM EDT

Proof that it pays to come to Comic-Con: On Friday, rabid JossWhedon fans got to see an unaired 13th episode of Dollhousethat takes place 10 years into the future. Positioned as a veritableroad map for the fledgling series, the episode tries to address theapocalyptic outcome of the Dollhouse world – i.e., what happens when toomany memories are wiped and everyone becomes, well, zombies. Shot on video for about $1 million less than what atypical episode costs, according to one source, the episode features mostly new charactersdiscovering a deserted dollhouse, but Eliza Dushku’s beloved Echo makesa cameo appearance. Sound confusing? Well, relax — it’s not going to airand potentially upset the show’s mojo (though it will be included in the DollhouseDVD). But Whedon did promise this to his fans at Comic-Con: “We intendto honor what you saw here.”

That’s true: Moving forward, Whedon plans to save Foxsome cash by only shooting Dollhouse on video (trust us, it still looksgood). Here are some other promises for season two: Angel alum AlexisDenisof and The Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ Summer Glau will makeappearances. And Whedon will “continue to deal with the abuse of powerand what it brings out in the characters.”

That prompted one fan to inquire about Whedon’sobsession with big corporations. “Have you been in America?” Whedonreplied. “I consider myself a great documentarian… There is power andmanipulation [everywhere]. That’s why I like this show so much.”

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