By Marc Bernardin
July 25, 2009 at 10:50 PM EDT

The Chuck team had no real new footage to show the Comic-Con audience at today’s raucous lovefest of a panel, but the cast and creators more than made up for it. If the next season is halfas fun as the panel, we’re all in very good hands. Some highlights:

The panel opened with a skit: One month after season two, in Josh Schwartz’s office,Schwartz, co-creator Chris Fedak, and star Zachary Levi are eating lots ofSubway, hoping they don’t get picked up, as they ended on a lame “Iknow kung fu.” Then they get the call they’ve been dreading: a pickup forseason three. Their secret weapon: Jeffster. At which point Vik Sahay and Scott Krinsky took the stage and Jeffster performed “Fat Bottomed Girls”!

The Chuck story is the story of a hero in pieces,according to Fedak. And he’s figuring out how he learns to put all ofthat together. In season three, Schwartz promised that something emotional and traumatic will happen to Chuck and Sarah: “Is that vague enough for you?”

Other hints: On the “Chuck-Fu”: Levi says Chuck can’t know kung fuall the time, or there’d be nothing for Casey and Sarah to do. Sothere’s a glitch in the system. When he flashes, he gets the powers,but then they’ll fade. Awesome will start to submerge into the spy world as well, given that he’s the only other dude who knows Chuck’s secret. Schwartz talked about playing with the idea of Caseyand Ellie getting together, what with Awesome and Ellie being a littleon the rocks. And Sarah’s sister Corinna will be coming back to the show. And Morgan will try once again. And fail once again. Or not.

One fan asked if Chuck’s powers will come with apenalty. Fedak wrote that down. “That’s one. Keep ’em coming.”Another asked if the Intersect also gave him language skills. “That’stwo.” Another fan asked if there would be any Chuck actionfigures. Levi said he wants an actionfigure just so Chuck could beat up Jayne. “Not so shiny now, huh,Jayne!?”

Chuck could be back earlier than early 2010, according to Schwartz. In the meantime, they’ve started up, as a hub for fans to help them survive until the show comes back.

addCredit(“Paul Drinkwater/NBC”)