The Simpsons has added more celebrity guest voices to season 21: has learned that Coldplay frontman Chris Martin will lend his vocal cords to an episode this winter in which Homer wins a million-dollar lottery and hires the band to play a concert just for Bart and him. “When Bart goes to the bathroom, Coldplay has to stop,” notes Simpsons exec producer Al Jean. In another episode, Sarah Silverman plays Bart’s new girlfriend, who “alternately loves him and hates him for no reason,” says Jean. Meanwhile, season 20 guest star Anne Hathaway returns, this time as a princess character that the producers of Krusty the Clown’s show bring onto the series in hopes that more young girls will tune in. (Even though she upstages Krusty, the two wind up as a couple.) Other guest voices this season include Seth Rogen (who penned the season premiere), Jonah Hill, Neve Campbell, Eartha Kitt (who recorded a part shortly before passing away last year), the Smothers Brothers, and the Manning brothers (Peyton, Eli, and Cooper). Season 21 debuts Sept. 27 on Fox.


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