The Atlanta spitfire assembles her ultimate ''Real Housewives'' cast

By Tanner Stransky
November 06, 2017 at 05:08 AM EST

Kandi’s dandy, but is she feisty enough to make NeNe’s all-star team? We asked the Atlanta spitfire to put together her ultimate Real Housewives cast.

GRETCHEN (Orange County)
”I would have to give it, hands down, to Gretchen,” NeNe says. ”I think she’s fun, bubbly, outgoing, and young. The other girls are jealous of her.”

Danielle (Orange County)
Next up? New Jersey‘s resident nutball, who stirred up much drama with ”the book.” ”Danielle’s crazy,” adds NeNe, ”and it works.”

Dina (New Jersey)
”I would have to bring the both of them,” NeNe says, referring to enemies Danielle and Dina. But why Dina specifically? ”She’s a bitch.”

Bethenny (New York City)
NeNe loves a Housewife like herself who keeps it real. ”Bethenny is really outspoken,” she says, ”and I like that.”

Jill (New York City)
”She kills me with this ‘I’m all about fabrics and charity and Bobby, that’s my husband, and he just lets me do whatever I want,”’ NeNe says.

Sheree (Atlanta)
”If I just had to tow somebody in from Atlanta, it’d have to be Sheree,” NeNe says. ”But you’re still a bitch, Sheree, okay? Girl, I ain’t taking that back.”

NeNe, Kandi, Cynthia, Phaedra, Kenya, and Claudia keep the ATL just peachy.
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