By Mandi Bierly
July 24, 2009 at 11:09 PM EDT

Oh, we do love Twi-hard commentary. Below, a video a fan took of the crowd’s sneak peek at new Twilight Saga: New Moon footage at Comic-Con. [Screams]

Jacob touching Bella’s hands as he teaches her how to ride her motorcycle: “Sensual,” says the fan. Edward touching Bella’s hand trying to stop her from riding said motorcycle: [SCREAMS]. Edward reappearing as Bella rides that motorcycle: “This is gonna be awesome.” Okay, that was a cool shot. Jacob hopping on his motorcycle and speeding to get to Bella, who has crashed: [SCREAMS]. Unwarranted. It was approximately 10 yards! Jacob taking off his shirt to tend to Bella’s head injury: [SCREAMS] “That was like a porno.” Totally warranted and cause to tag this post with our beloved Taylor Lautner Bicep Watch category! Bella telling Jacob “You’re sorta beautiful” while somehow looking at his face and not at his biceps and/or six-pack: “What’d she say?…. Ohmygod, don’t do it.” Yes, wait until he cuts his hair at least. So much hotter.

What do you think of the scene? Are you screaming? 

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