Kirstie Alley, Ruby Gettinger, and Perez Hilton were in the news this week

By EW Staff
Updated July 24, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT


The weight-loss reality genre is catching on, and now Kirstie Alley is joining in
We haven’t heard the last of Kirstie Alley‘s dieting woes just yet. EW has learned that the former sitcom star is teaming with Fremantle to develop a still-untitled celebrity weight-loss pilot for the E! network. The production company is currently on the lookout for male and female contestants between the ages of 21 and 40 who are more than 50 pounds overweight. If picked up as a series, the reality show would team stout stars with civilians for a non-elimination competition and continue a growing trend of shows about plus-size people, like NBC’s hit The Biggest Loser and Oxygen’s Dance Your Ass Off. On July 28, Fox will premiere More to Love, a Bachelor-style dating show featuring chubby contestants from (who else?) The Bachelor‘s Mike Fleiss, and TLC just ordered a six-episode, half-hour documentary series called One Big Happy Family that follows an overweight brood in North Carolina. ”Particularly given what is going on in this country with obesity, I absolutely think weight loss is its own [programming] category, much in the same way a sitcom is its own category,” says Salaam Coleman Smith of the Style Network, which is currently airing the second season of Ruby. The Georgia-based reality show chronicles the life of Ruby Gettinger, an inspiring woman who’s attempting to shed pounds while the cameras are rolling. The show has helped the network double its ratings among young women. ”Ruby is, really, the ultimate makeover show,” explains Coleman Smith. ”In terms of it being a game changer for the network, it’s enabled us to stop thinking that we live in a size 2 world by appropriately embracing real people.”
Lynette Rice


Perez Hilton debuts first artist on new music label
Gossip blogger Perez Hilton has landed the first artist for Perezcious Music, his new Warner Bros. Records imprint: French singer Sliimy (pronounced ”Sleemy”). ”I think that his music will make a lot of people smile,” says Hilton. ”It’s good, adult, quirky pop.” Hilton discovered the singer, whose album will drop on Sept. 14, after receiving an e-mail with Sliimy’s cover of Britney Spears‘ ”Womanizer.” Hilton posted the song on his site last December, and recently enlisted celebrity pals like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Jordin Sparks to tweet ”Who is Sliimy?” creating instant online buzz. Says Hilton, ”I just want everyone to keep asking ‘Who is Sliimy?”’
Tim Stack