Anticipation for Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 has been building for something like a year and a half now, since back when it was all just a very intriguing rumor. With the album’s release officially scheduled for this Sept. 11 — eight years to the day since the release of Jay’s original, epochal Blueprint — fans don’t have much longer to wait anymore. In fact, you can hear some of what Jay-Z’s been working on this very morning, now that he’s debuted his brand-new single “Run This Town” mere minutes ago. Guests on the tune include Kanye West and Rihanna, which would be a pretty stupendous lineup even if this wasn’t Rihanna’s first high-profile work in months. When you take that last fact into account, this is nothing less than a major event.

Head over to Jay-Z’s MySpace to hear “Run This Town,” then let us know: How do you like Hov’s latest? On a scale of one to ten blueprints, how psyched are you for The Blueprint 3?

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Photo credit: Jay-Z: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters/Landov