By Lynette Rice
July 24, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Just like they did at Comic-Con last year, fans of The Big Bang Theory packed a ballroom today to hear cast members like Johnny Galecki muse that his character Leonard has “gotten more girls than ever” while Jim Parsons promised to leave his Emmy out “for friends to play with” should he win one in September. Executive producer Chuck Lorre thanked the fans and said “they were part of the conversation” every day in the writers room. “We ask, how will this play at Comic-Con?”

Lorre cryptically teased the new season, saying “things will change this year” and reveled in the fact that the show recently earned a two-year pickup. “People out there got what we were doing,” he said. Fellow exec producer Bill Prady thinks fans connect to the show because “it plays like a sci-fi. Fans are connected to the characters.”

In fact, one fan asked when Parsons’ Sheldon will get a girlfriend (apparently, fan sites hint at — or beg for — an inevitable love connection between Sheldon and Kaley Cuoco’s Penny). Alas, Lorre said since Sheldon’s love is for science, a romance is not in the cards: “He’s opted out.”

addCredit(“Sonja Flemming/CBS”)