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Updated August 03, 2020 at 11:58 AM EDT

The Script

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Two months ago, guitarist Mark Sheehan of Irish trio the Script got a call from the band’s manager. “He said, ‘Oh, I had to cancel these other gigs that you really wanted to do,'” Sheehan tells the Music Mix. “I was like, ‘Aw, dude, why’d you do that?’ He joked around with me for a while, just made me feel terrible. And then he went, ‘Well, because Sir Paul’s asked: Will you guys support him?'”

“Sir Paul,” of course, is Paul McCartney, who was looking for an opening act for several of his American dates this summer. The Script — which includes singer/keyboardist Danny O’Donoghue (pictured, center) and drummer Glen Power (right) along with Sheehan (left) — accepted the former Beatle’s offer without hesitation.

They finally met McCartney face-to-face last Friday, right before their first show with him at N.Y.C.’s Citi Field. “We were kind of wondering, would we bump into Sir Paul in the hallway?” says Sheehan. “Should we go up and say hi? Do you call him Sir Paul, Macca, Paul, Mr. McCartney? We didn’t want to disrespect him! And then we were sitting [backstage] and all of a sudden the door opened and it was actually Paul McCartney standing there.” Sheehan and his bandmates eagerly drank up the older musician’s career advice. “He goes, ‘What is it like for you guys, coming from being a very small band? ‘Cause we as the Beatles had to go through that.’ The way he said that alone, we were like, ‘The Beatles!‘ He said, ‘John would do this and this…’ By the way, this John he’s talking about is John Lennon! Amazing.”

The Script opened for McCartney at two more Citi Field shows, and further dates are scheduled for August. “That’s always on the resume now, dude,” grins O’Donoghue. “When you’re old and wrinkly and you’re sitting there telling some kids that don’t really give a s— about your life, ‘Young laddie, I was in a band once…’ ‘Oh, really? What did you do?’ ‘We opened up for Paul McCartney!'”

Next Monday, the Script will add another sterling line to their resumes when they open for U2 in their shared hometown of Dublin. “80,000 Irish people all going mental,” says O’Donoghue. “It’s going to be unbelievable. To know that the stage is still warm from where you’ve been sitting, and then U2 are going to go out and take that position — it’s a bizarre thought to think that you’re sharing the same stage with the heroes of all of ours as kids.”

The Script are already stadium-fillers in Ireland and the U.K. But after the McCartney and U2 gigs wind up, they’ll go back to trying to break into the American market by playing comparatively tiny club dates. “That actually suits us,” says Sheehan. “In our minds, we’re still a small band.”

Any fans of the Script among you, Mixers? Did you see them open for McCartney — or are you looking forward to catching them at a more intimate venue?

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The Script

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