By Mandi Bierly
Updated August 04, 2020 at 11:06 AM EDT

The good news: Daniel Radcliffe has aged two years since we launched our Inappropriate Crushes category with a quiz scoring your well-intentioned admiration. The bad news: So have you. Today, we celebrate Radcliffe’s 20th birthday with a second edition. Give yourself one point for every statement that accurately describes you — and feel the crimson sting of shame as your score creeps toward double digits.

1. You’re scared of how high you’re about to score.

2. You’re thinking, That’s how they opened the first quiz.

3. You know his Ping-Pong record vs. Emma Watson for the year to date — or, at least through his July 9 Today show appearance.*

4. You know which actress he answered when recently asked upon whom he’d use a love potion.**

5. You know where he was sitting when his father told him he’d won the part of Harry Potter.***

5. You’ve Googled cricket. (Subtract a point if you knew that’s his favorite sport and haven’t.)

6. You flew to London or New York to see him in Equus. (Bonus point to anyone, tourist or local, who waited by the stage door. An additional point if it was, at the time, snowing or below freezing.)

7. You have DVR’d or rented December Boys but couldn’t tell us the plot because you just fast-forwarded to his sex scene with Teresa Palmer.

8. You distinctly remember participating in a debate on who was hotter, Radcliffe or Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory), after seeing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (Subtract a point if you’re now on Team Pattinson.)

9. You still believe that leather-vest shot of Dan in the August 2007 issue of Details was a good idea.

10. You know how many different covers Time Out London had for its July 7, 2009 Harry Potter-themed issue and you do not live in London nor were you just visiting. (Bonus point if this inside photo is or will soon become your desktop photo/screen saver.)

11. You’re over 25. (Add an additional point for every five years after that.)

What’s your score?

* 2-0, in his favor

** Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively.

*** The bathtub

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