Quick guide to EW's daily coverage from San Diego, including our blog reports from the panels, news from around the convention, and video exclusives

By Adam B. Vary
Updated July 30, 2020 at 02:28 PM EDT

Here are the Comic-Con highlights from Sat., July 25:

If there was any doubt that the final full day of Comic-Con would measure up against the powerhouse panels on Thursday and Friday, it was demolished as soon as Don Cheadle — sharing a panel with Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell, and director Jon Favreau — demanded to watch the just-screened five minutes of footage from Iron Man 2 one more time, to the roaring approval of roughly 6,000 fans in Hall H.

The team from HBO’s True Blood — Sookie! Eric! Bill! — sunk its fangs into some juicy season 3 teasers.

Speaking of Sookie! Eric! Bill!, they also cozied up on the couch at EW’s Comic-Con studio to tell Michael Ausiello about their characters’ brewing sexual tension.

Lost fans found their bliss in San Diego, as exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof held court on their show’s final season, along with VIP guests Jorge Garcia, Michael Emerson, Nestor Carbonell, and Josh Holloway.

Next stop for Jorge Garcia, Michael Emerson, and Nestor Carbonell: the EW Comic-Con studio, for a chat with Michael Ausiello about season 6, and some romantic advice for Kate.

Meanwhile, Ian Somerhalder, in town to promote the CW’s Vampire Diaries, told EW that he will return to Lost next season.

Later in the day, EW’s own Jeff ”Doc” Jensen and Dan ”Dan” Snierson — a.k.a. the hosts of EW.com blockbuster web series Totally Lost — cracked wise and hosted some special Lost VIPs of their own.

ABC screened the pilot for its upcoming sci-fi series V, starring Elizabeth Mitchell, who also participated on Thursday in EW’s Wonder Women panel.

Woody Harrelson pulled double duty on panels for the apocalyptic disaster film 2012 and the self-explanatory horror comedy Zombieland.

Mike Judge and Jason Bateman showed off their new, Office Space-esque comedy Extract.

The crew from NBC’s Chuck kicked out the jams and dropped hints about season 3: If the next season is half as fun as the panel, we’re all in very good hands.

At the Fringe panel, executive producer Jeff Pinkner advised rumors of the demise of Charlie Francis (Kirk Acevedo) were ”entirely premature.”

Animation greats John Lasseter and Hayao Miyazaki chatted with us about the U.S. version of the Japanese director’s Ponyo, which hits theaters Aug. 14.

From Peter Jackson to The Big Bang Theory, Joss Whedon to Sherlock Holmes, Comic-Con was packed with geeky goodness on day 2. Here are your highlights from Fri., July 24:

Peter Jackson and James Cameron talked with EW’s Jeff Giles about the future of film, and how Jackson is using the latest in cinema technology to replace the King Kong ride at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

Joss Whedon screened the now-infamous apocalyptic 13th episode of his Fox series Dollhouse, and revealed which acting alum from his Whedonverse will be appearing in its second season.

In the Sony Pictures panel, Jackson answered burning questions about The Hobbit (or, really, didn’t answer them) before wowing the crowd with footage from the upcoming alien refugee film District 9. And Paul Bettany and Tyrese Gibson traded gibes through their panel for the Biblical thriller Legion.

And then, Peter Jackson stopped by the EW Comic-Con studio to chat about District 9, Tintin, The Lovely Bones, and the future of filmmaking. Oh…and The Hobbit.

The nerds of The Big Bang Theory communed with the nerds of Comic-Con, and show-runner Chuck Lorre said Jim Parsons’ Sheldon has ”opted out” of any human romance.

Kristen Bell and Freddie Highmore dropped by Ausiello TV to talk their new computer-animated 3-D flick Astro Boy, as well as the latest word on the Veronica Mars movie — and what Ms. Bell would do to get a role on Gossip Girl.

Attention, Smallville fans at Comic-Con! Michael Ausiello broke the news that Tom Welling will be making his first Comic-Con appearance this Sunday.

Michael Ausiello also let those of us outside San Diego get our first look at the awesome Chuck season 3 poster debuted at Comic-Con.

The marathon Warner Bros. panel was packed with stars: Robert Downey Jr. and Rachel McAdams for Sherlock Holmes; Cameron Diaz and James Marsden for the psychological thriller The Box; Josh Brolin and Megan Fox for the western horror flick Jonah Hex; and wee Where the Wild Things Are star Max Records charmed the crowd with footage from the long-anticipated Spike Jonze film.

ABC announced that former Lost star Dominic Monaghan will star in its new Lost-ian series Flashforward.

Who’s voicing the Ken doll in Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3? Would you believe the man who headlined Beetlejuice?

AMC swings for the fences with its six-episode miniseries remake of the classic sci-fi series The Prisoner.

Bones creator Hart Hanson and star Emily Deschanel sat down with Michael Ausiello for a slightly spoilery chat about the backlash from last May’s season finale, the rumored kiss in the season premiere, and the future of Booth and Brennan as a couple.

Marvel fans in San Diego got a sneak peek at the 2010 DVD Planet Hulk — and we have the exclusive online trailer.

Comic-Con is like drinking pure geek culture concentrate — and if you want to get every last drop, you’ve got to walk the epic showroom floor at the San Diego Convention Center.

And, oh yeah, at the panel for the January 2010 thriller The Book of Eli (starring Denzel Washington), Gary Oldman lets slip that the next Batman movie will shoot in 2010 for a possible 2011 release. Shockingly, studio Warner Bros. has no comment. D’oh!

Here’s an at-a-glance look at Comic-Con highlights for Thurs., July 23:

Robert Zemeckis, the stars of Tron 2.0, and Tim Burton spoke at the Disney 3-D panel — but a silent wave from Alice In Wonderland star Johnny Depp brought Hall H into another dimension.

Director James Cameron blew the collective minds of panel attendees when he screened 25 minutes of never-before-seen 3-D footage from the hotly anticipated Avatar. Cameron also made an intriguing announcement: On August 21, Twentieth Century Fox will try to get a hold of as many 3-D and IMAX theatres as they can around the world to show 15 minutes of Avatar — for free.

VIDEO: James Cameron joined Avatar stars Sigourney Weaver and Zoe Saldana at EW’s Comic-Con studio for a chat about their film, which comes out on Dec. 18.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner screened New Moon footage. Cue screams.

VIDEO: If that’s not enough New Moon for you, watch the video of Pattinson, Stewart, Lautner, and Ashley Greene at the EW Comic-Con studio.

Dexter‘s cast hit San Diego to premiere new footage, an animated web series, and an iPhone app — and to introduce the Showtime series’ newest guest star: John Lithgow.

Terry Gilliam showed clips from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Heath Ledger’s final film. ”Heath would’ve been the greatest actor of his generation,” Gilliam said.

VIDEO: Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry unveiled a first look at the car of the eponymous hero in their upcoming superhero flick The Green Hornet, which starts shooting late this summer.

Sigourney Weaver, Eliza Dushku, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Zoe Saldana discussed big (and small) screen action heroines at EW’s panel, and agreed that the sci-fi genre seems to be the most accepting of female superheroes. ”They don’t try to control women in sci-fi,” Weaver said. ”We just squeaked through.”

Thirst, a Twilight-for-adults horror romance, is poised to get a dose of full-blooded buzz after a Comic-Con screening on Friday.