By Jeff Labrecque
Updated July 22, 2009 at 06:57 PM EDT

ABC Family’s new show, Ruby & the Rockits, starring David Cassidy, is already years ahead of the traditional sitcom curve: They added a new child to spice up a stale family dynamic in their very first episode. Please, I kid. I kid because I love you. (So what am I so afraid of?)

In truth, Ruby & the Rockits is harmless fun, and it doesn’t deserve a serious grilling. So, with that in mind, here are four not-necessarily-well-thought-out questions that crossed my mind during last night’s premiere, in which aging hipster David Gallagher learned he had a teenage daughter named Ruby. Awww:

1. Do the filmmakers behind Music & Lyrics share in the residuals if Ruby reaches syndication? The Rockits’ cheesy 1980s music video was a total rip-off of Hugh Grant’s “Pop! Goes My Heart.”

2. Did Patrick Cassidy’s family move into the Golden Girls’ house and simply bump up the roof?

3. Will hot-mom Audie (Katie Amanda Keane) continue to dress like a sexy mall mannequin? Meredith Baxter would not approve.

4. When do you think hunky Patrick and Audie will tell pudgy Ben he’s adopted? Do you think he already knows? Is that why he defaced the long-lost Hanson-brother’s music video?

Did you tune in to last night’s premiere, PopWatchers? Are you still humming Ruby’s upbeat number? Did you giggle just a little when Patrick made fun of his brother’s height?

Photo Credit: ABC Family