By Whitney Pastorek
July 22, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

If so, you’re not alone. A poll conducted by concluded that 62 percent of Americans would rather watch originally-scheduled programming than President Obama’s speech this evening. (Fox, in a typically Fox move, was just gonna show So You Think You Can Dance anyway.)

I don’t know, PopWatchers. As much as I’m a politically involved and aware human being — and as much as I like to scoff at anyone who thinks a televised dance competition is more important than, say, national health care — I will admit that there are a LOT of cable news channels that could show the President’s speech while their sister networks continue to dunk fat people in mud, juggle chainsaws, what have you. And it does seem like causing large media corporations to lose millions in ad revenue tonight might fly in the face of Obama’s ongoing attempts to rescue this country from the dire straits of imminent fiscal ruin. But is airing the speech mandatory under the FCC rules that keep the networks on the air for “free”? (I’m legitimately asking; I don’t know.) And are there still people out there without cable or internet who would miss it if it wasn’t broadcast on the networks? Do you know anyone like that? Is it possible these non-cable-having people hang out with the invisible Nielsen families?

What do you think? Is it a matter of national importance to preempt regular programming for the President’s speech tonight? What if they could just preempt specific shows? Which show could you live without for a week? Can someone just start preempting Entourage for fun?

addCredit(“Jason Reed/Reuters/Landov”)