By Jeff Labrecque
Updated July 22, 2009 at 11:30 PM EDT

After decades of false starts and dashed hopes, Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged may finally be coming to…(Sigh)…Yeah, I can’t. I can’t do this anymore. Period announcements, like the recent Risky Business Blog post that Charlize Theron is organizing a cable-TV miniseries adaptation, have been teasing me ever since I read Rand’s epic diatribe against intrusive government a decade ago. Theron wants to play railroad industrialist Dagny Taggart? Great. There’s room next to Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts and all the other actors reportedly attached to the film during THE LAST 37 YEARS! Kripes. Theron was negative-3 years old when producer Albert Ruddy’s first attempt fell through. Good luck, Charlize, but until they start shooting film, I’ll assume every piece of Atlas Shrugged gossip was crafted by The Fountainhead‘s duplicitous Ellsworth Toohey.

Did the latest Atlas update get your hopes up, Rand fans? Is a miniseries the ideal format to tell Rand’s story, or would you prefer a feature film? And, if you were gambling, what year would you bet any version of Atlas Shrugged finally arrives? (I’m on the record with 2025).

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