Last week, we weighed in on the “dad jeans” President Barack Obama wore when throwing the first pitch at the All-Star Game with a short post on PopWatch that got tongues wagging. My musings even got picked up in a round-up asking whether President Obama had lost his cool. (Hi, again, Dad! Frank Stransky is loving the attention.)

Now, the always jovial commander-in-chief has responded in an interview this morning on Today! These are pressing times with pressing issues, folks. In a chat this a.m., Today host Meredith Viera hilariously asked Obama: “Do you want to defend the pants?”

Here’s what Obama had to say:

The fact that such a matter is paired in an interview mostly about the president’s health care efforts is simply classic. Completely ridiculous, but classic. And his good-natured response is even better: “I am a little frumpy,” he admitted. “Those jeans are comfortable, and for those of you who want your president to look great in his tight jeans, I’m sorry — I’m not the guy. It just doesn’t fit me. I’m not 20.”

Simply put, I love this guy. Even more now, if that’s possible. But still, I’d love to see him in some tight jeans. (Let’s just be honest.) PopWatchers, what say you? Amused by the President’s response? Dismayed that such a topic is on the table during the turbulent times we live in? If you had to pick, what brand of jeans would you like to see him in? Sound off in the comments section below!