By Annie Barrett
July 21, 2009 at 09:00 PM EDT

Slezak is currently super-busy sweet-talking season 7 Idol Brooke White into performing liiiiiiiiiive! in front of our mailboxes. (Seriously, that is happening right now.) So it’s up to me to announce that Blake Lewis’ lead single from the superbly titled Heartbreak on Vinyl, “Sad Song,” is available on iTunes. You can preview it below. In the spirit of Slezak, “Ch-ch-check it out! Ponies!” Or something.

Pretty good. I generally dig anything with a dance beat that makes me feel like I’m bopping through space at a downward slope of about 185 degrees. Nothing drastic, just a slight tilt. I’m in no hurry to touch down. Your trajectory may vary.

What’s with Blake’s invasion of the season 6 “battlefield” territory? Jordin Sparks might have to unleash her smoke machine on him. Better go get your armor, sir!