By Jean Bentley
Updated July 20, 2009 at 02:01 PM EDT

Last night’s Ruby focused on our favorite Southern gal trying to overcome two of the obstacles in the way of her becoming an independent woman (cue the Destiny’s Child). Because of her obesity-related health problems, Ruby had been on disability for the past 10 years. Now that she’s more than 100 pounds smaller and much more mobile, she’s eager to work again.

After attempting to guide a bus tour of Savannah (rejected because the boss didn’t appreciate her mid-tour restaurant recommendations and murder stories) and work at her favorite tanning salon, Tan-Tastic (a no on account of the physical labor of cleaning the tanning beds), she finally found a match: working at a local hair salon. It’s really perfect for her — Ruby is definitely a people person. This way, she gets to schmooze folks while making appointments, washing hair, and tidying the salon.

The second obstacle saw Ruby visiting the gynecologist for the first time in a decade. While Ruby normally charms me with her happy-go-lucky attitude, I was a little disturbed by her attitude toward her body. What’s more troubling than the fact that she calls her breasts “breasticles” is the fact that Ruby calls the gynecologist the Christmas doctor (because that area is a present). I understand that going to the gyno is intimidating for her, but the fact that Ruby uses such juvenile terms for her anatomy (“heinie hole” being another) worries me. Even if she feels insecure about her body, can’t she just use clinical terms instead of words normally reserved for parents teaching their toddlers about boy and girl parts?

The episode’s side plot involved Ruby’s weight support group, Women’s Fat Night (dumb name, good idea), doing a breast cancer walk. Did you catch last night’s show? What did you think about Ruby’s quest for independence? Which job was the best fit? And did her cutesy slang turn you off?