By Margaret Lyons
Updated July 20, 2009 at 08:30 PM EDT

Of all the people on Top Chef I’d pick to headline a sitcom, Padma Lakshmi is waaaaay down at the bottom of the list, just slightly above the swirling knife logo, way behind most former contestants, and certainly below Gail (saucy!) and Tom (also saucy!). But there it is: Lakshmi is developing a sitcom with NBC. According to Variety, “One possible title being mulled [is] Single Serving.” Kill me.

I’m sure she’s nice, and she’s certainly very pretty, but the former Mrs. Salman Rushdie is a walking coma on screen. She’s startlingly low-energy on Top Chef, and even on ordinary talk show appearances — where again, she seems very nice, and I’m sure she recycles and is kind to children, etc. etc. — she’s dull-o-matic 9000.

How many female-led comedies debut in a given season? One? Two? If one of those turns out to be a schlocky sitcom about Padma Lakshmi being single and “working in the culinary world,” I’m going to cry for a thousand years: There are actual funny people in this world. Please oh please can we give a sitcom to one of them instead?

Who’s with me and feels a Padma sitcom would be a waste of a time slot? And wants to tell me I’m wrong and can argue in favor of a Padma-led show?

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