July 20, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Coldplay, no strangers to conceptual clips, have taken Viva La Vida‘s “Strawberry Swing” in a whimsical, animated direction in the song’s new video.

Watch! As Chris Martin the costumed superhero fends off projectile arrows from a giant mad squirrel with a rainbow umbrella. Shriek! As he battles an army of skulls perched atop single lady-legs, armed with his trusty boat paddle. Marvel! As he floats through a cityscape in what look likes an outfit torn straight from the Garanimals catalogue. (Seriously, who wrote this treatment, Willy Wonka?).

Anyway, enjoy it all below, and tell us how it holds up in the Coldplay video cannon, on the continuum from “Yellow” (rainy-beach Handycam simplicity!) to “Viva La Vida” (rococo, painterly high-art!):

UPDATE: You can chase fan-posted clips of the video on YouTube as EMI continuously removes them, or you can see “Strawberry” in full, sanctioned form right here on the official Coldplay website.

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