July 20, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

With the Manhattan skyline in the distance and a light breeze cooling down the late-afternoon heat, the arty rock jams of Dirty Projectors provided the ideal soundtrack for yesterday’s pristine summer Sunday.

EW’s Must Indie Experimenters played for more than an hour at the second of this year’s JellyNYC Pool Party concert series (named after the old venue, which was an actual — albeit empty — pool), translating their innovative indie pop-rock from one of our favorite new releases (June’s Bitte Orca) to an even more satisfying live experience.

The Brooklyn-based band sounded less precise live — a little looser (except for the tight harmonies of the band’s female members), a little more melodic, a little easier to dance to. The group started their set slowly with the stripped-down ”Two Doves,” featuring only band mastermind Dave Longstreth and multi-instrumentalist Angel Deradoorian, but picked up once the rest of the band hit the stage for ”Cannibal Resource,” followed by a mix of old and new material. Highlights included the breezy, anthemic re-imagining of Black Flag’s ”Rise Above,” and the melodic ’90s R&B-over-an-indie-rock-beat of Bitte Orca‘s first single ”Stillness Is the Move.”

Did anyone else catch the Dirty Projectors yesterday (or at any point during their summer tour with TV on the Radio)? How did you think the band fared live? You can cheat by watching a YouTube clip of yesterday’s “Stillness” performance below:

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