The premise of ABC’s upcoming reality show Dating in the Dark (premiering tonight) is an intriguing one: Three single men and three single women move into a house together, and get to know each other and form bonds in total darkness.

Do I smell a fascinating social experiment? These people could really connect without being distracted by the whole physical appearance part of the equation! Oh wait — Earth to me — this is a reality TV dating show we’re talking about. The preview did a pretty good job of debunking my high hopes for a deep and thought-provoking program. It looks a lot more like Blind Date and a lot less like a Discovery Channel special. Now I think the synopsis should read more like: Superficial singles get tossed in a pitch black room, “get to know each other” (a.k.a. flirt and make out), and then pray that the person they liked most in the dark is also a babe in the light.

Watch the trailer below, PopWatchers, and tell me if I’m being too harsh. Could something be gained in watching Dating in the Dark aside from an amusement in seeing the disappointed bombshell’s jaw drop when her average-looking date is revealed in the light? Or is it destined to be just another guilty-pleasure show?