By Margaret Lyons
Updated December 20, 2019 at 02:07 AM EST

Are we ready for another Twilight Zone movie? Well, ready or not, one is in the works. I’d vastly prefer an anthology-style TV series, particularly one that covered as much ground as The Twilight Zone did, but I’m actually optimistic about a feature’s potential because I think our politics are rich for interpretation — and The Twilight Zone was a profoundly political show.

It might be remembered as more of a sci-fi series, but beneath the aliens-and-weird-stuff exterior, The Twilight Zone metabolized national fears about Communism, about spying and a culture of suspicion — how many episodes involved invasions and such, or small towns turning against themselves? The show also dealt with then-new levels of commercialism and consumption — think of all the salesman-oriented episodes. Obviously, not every installment was an allegory, but hopefully the new film will pull from the series’ tradition of political storytelling.

As long as we’re talking TZ, I’m throwing this out there: In the last few weeks, this show has come up a lot with my friends, and everyone has a favorite episode or theme: I’m drawn to the ones about the agony of experiencing time — “Walking Distance” is a particular fave — while others prefer the what’s-wrong-with-these-machines episodes, or all the something-predicts-the-future stories. What about you, PopWatchers? Do you have a favorite Twilight Zone subset, and do you think it could translate to a contemporary movie?