July 20, 2009 at 08:03 PM EDT

Al Roker’s new weekday Weather Channel show, Wake Up with Al, debuted this morning at 6 a.m. EST, I can now confirm. Though I do my best never to wake up before 7 a.m., online video clips would support that Roker and cohost Stephanie Abrams launched their weather-and-headlines program on July 20, with special guest Buzz Aldrin (pictured, with Roker), who celebrated the 40th anniversary of his Apollo 11 lunar landing by correcting Al when he said that Buzz had once described the moon as “magnificent isolation” instead of “magnificent desolation.” (In Roker’s defense, he admitted at the top of the hour that he’d gotten little sleep last night due to nerves and excitement. Which probably also explains the dazed look on his face after Buzz talked for 76 seconds straight.)

Did anyone catch Wake Up with Al? What did you think? My thoughts on the first four minutes: That touch-screen technology might be fun for Al to play with, but its introduction failed to wow me as a home viewer; they need to steal a bigger screen from the set of the NCIS spinoff. Also, I’m not sure about “WUWA,” the nickname Al and Stephanie have decided we’ll all call their show because it signifies how offbeat they are. WUWA is surprisingly difficult for me to say, so perhaps I’m biased. I do, however, approve of the Wake Up With Al alarm clark giveaway.

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