By Tanner Stransky
July 19, 2009 at 09:48 PM EDT

It was revealed Friday that an interview with SuBo — that’s Britain’s Got Talent phenom Susan Boyle — will air on Wednesday morning’s Today show and that evening’s episode of America’s Got Talent, marking the first time since the end of BGT that the British singer will speak publicly about her meteoric rise to fame and the breakdown she experienced afterward. NBC has released a very short preview of Boyle’s sit-down with Meredith Viera that you can watch here:

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Honestly, this doesn’t entice me that much, and I’ve been rather intrigued by Boyle’s whole story since it began unfolding back in April. For one, as far as I can tell from this rather paltry clip, SuBo seems fine. Not that I was expecting her to be some sort of mess, but shouldn’t there be a tear or two after all she’s gone through? A wobbly voice? Apprehension? Some admission of the mess of it all maybe? It’s hard for me to believe that if Boyle had gotten emotional and broken down a bit in this interview with Viera that NBC wouldn’t have teased at least some of that in this video. Maybe they didn’t want to exploit her? C’mon, though, that’s what Susan Boyle’s entire “career” has been about — exploitation. Mostly by the producers of Britain’s Got Talent, who used her story to pimp out the show majorly.

As far as Boyle’s “slight makeover,” it’s not that far beyond what she did in the second round of Britain’s Got Talent when she sang “Memory” from Cats. A trim, a bottle of hair dye, and some better clothes can do wonders for a person who did nothing before. But she does look nice — and happy. That’s good, right? We should be happy that Susan looks good and healthy, yes? I’m evil for suggesting she squeeze out a few tears, right?

What do you think, PopWatchers? What’d you think of the preview? Are you going to watch the Boyle interviews on Wednesday? Do you even care about her anymore?

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