July 17, 2009 at 07:42 AM EDT

Well, well: after a fairly tedious week in which most of the conversation seemed to revolve around word definitions (“technotronics”?) and the multiple cameras programmed to swivel over to Laura’s breasts the moment they entered a room, this week’s live elimination show proved to be something actually approaching spontaneous excitement.

It was helped, of course, by Chima’s on-the-block speech, calling out Braden as “a racist and a misogynist [who] deserves to go home.” Julie Chen praised this as being “the most memorable speech we’ve ever heard” from someone defending herself from eviction, even though most of what Chima said was bleeped out by CBS because Braden’s slurs were not FCC-permissible, apparently.

Given the reaction of the live studio audience (yes, a live studio audience now surrounds Julie on eviction night), those must have been some mighty slurs, and it sounded as though the crowd was on Chima’s side. (From this point on: SPOILER ALERT!)

But when Braden was evicted, the audience applauded like crazy when he emerged from the house — clearly, no one had strong feelings one way or another about racist or sexist hate-speech. If that’s what it was. I can’t lip-read. What I can do is lament the fact that Ronnie became the new head-of-household. His “I run this show” spiel is becoming tired already.

Be sure to read joltin’ Josh Wolk’s Big Brother TV Watch. And what did you think of the eviction? Who are you loving or hating the most in that damp house?

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