July 16, 2009 at 11:30 PM EDT

Today, the news broke that Patrick Dempsey would be starring in Universal Pictures’ big-screen adaptation of Garth Stein’s novel The Art of Racing in the Rain,as race-car driver Denny Swift — alongside his costar and the book’snarrator, a dog named Enzo who is blessed with “a near-human souland a philosopher’s mind.”

Enzo, it seems, is the latest in a long line of Hollywood-bound pups with “near-human”attributes. (Animated films, ofcourse, are full of anthropomorphic critters other than dogs, fromDisney’s classic characters to Rhino the Hamster in Bolt to the entire cast of Madagascar.)

But cats and hamsters and oddly accented lemurs don’t seem to get thesame kind of screen time as man’s best friend in live-action movies andTV, and that’s probably just fine with our little Kibbles ‘n Bits buddies. After all, who could top Benji (pictured, top), the plucky little mixed-breed? Or the heroic, doomed Old Yeller? Frasier‘s Barcalounging Eddie? Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston’s oafish bundle of joy Marley (pictured, bottom)?

But that is for you to tell me, Popwatchers! When it comes to Hollywood doggy-style, who’s your all-time favorite canine?

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