By Missy Schwartz
Updated July 16, 2009 at 11:07 PM EDT

Only 35 more days till the Aug. 20 debut of Project Runway, folks! Are we psyched? I sure am — and I’ll be back to riff all about the new season in my Runway TV Watch, version 6.0. As we inch closer to the starting line, itty bitty bits of information about the sixth season have started to trickle out. The designers were revealed last week. Today, Lifetime released a promotional video that further introduces us to the new cast. It’s pretty straightforward, intercutting soft-focus (so very Lifetime!) interviews with familiar-looking snippets from the sewing room. Among this year’s lineup of hopefuls ready to throw down with the Serger, there’s a couch-killer (Nicolas); a Samantha Ronson lookalike nudist (Ari), which could make for an awesomely awkward interaction with season six guest judge Lindsay Lohan; a dude with Tim Riggins-y hair who’s been deemed the hottie (Logan); and a dour-pussed Yugoslavian lady named Gordana who provides what is by far the best sound bite of the bunch: “When you grow up eating with a spoon, you don’t think of making business out of that spoon.” Woot! Please tell me she’s banked more of these nonsensical verbal nuggets. And if so, make her stick around a long, long time. (Speaking of which, if you’re hungry for semi-spoilers, the current issue of People has a page on six standouts from the upcoming season, as chosen by Tim Gunn.)

Take a look at the promo video and tell me you’re all hungry for more Gordana wisdom. Auf Wiedersehen for now!

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