July 16, 2009 at 05:30 PM EDT

Every year I wake up on Emmy nominations morning like a little kid on Christmas, but wind up feeling like all I got were boxes upon boxes of holiday-themed socks. I know, I know, with this year’s expansion to six nominees per category (and seven in the Best Drama and Comedy Series divisions), we certainly had some delightful surprise packages under the tree. (Check out the full list of 2009 Emmy nominees here.) I know a lot of you (and certainly my colleague Ken Tucker!) are squealing with excitement over Jim Parsons’ recognition in the Best Actor in a Comedy Series race for The Big Bang Theory, and I was excited to see Jane Krakowski and Rose Byrne pick up respective Supporting Actress nods in the Comedy and Drama races for 30 Rock and Damages. And of course the incomparable Vanessa L. Williams managed a nomination for Ugly Betty (chanting does pay off).

But on the glass-half-empty tip, how come the woman who plays Wilhelmina Slater is the sole Betty acting nod? (Really, Emmy, you want to convince me Two and a Half Men‘s Jon Cryer’s performance is more award worthy than Michael Urie’s? Reeeeally?) And with seven individual shows nominated for Best Drama Series, how come there was no room (AGAIN) for Battlestar Galactica, nor a single acting honoree from the groundbreaking sci-fi series. What. The. Frak? Do Emmy voters somehow not manage to get SciFi (SyFy?) on their cable lineups? I just hope that some day, when the aliens finally land on this planet, they don’t decide it’s not worth saving based on Mary McDonnell’s lack of Emmy recognition for her role as BSG‘s President Laura Roslin. And speaking of the Lead Actress in a Drama division: Considering that Law & Order: SVU was a honey-baked mess this season, and that Brothers & Sisters matron Nora Walker trudged through the same dinner-party drama every episode, I question the inclusion of Mariska Hargitay and Sally Field over Medium‘s awesome Patricia Arquette. (And her on-screen spouse, Jake Weber, lost out to William Hurt, the surprisngly unexciting link on this season of Damages? Hard to say. Impossibly, in fact.) And finally, while it’s nice to see Michael Emerson grab a nomination for Lost, how come other MVPs of the ensemble cast — in particular Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell — are empty-handed today? (Aside from their sizzling-hot chemistry, I mean.) Can anyone do a little time-travel back to 8:40 a.m. ET and add their names to the ballots?

Okay, PopWatchers. I need to go numb my pain with a high-calorie treat, so I turn it over to you: Which Emmy snubs are stinging you the hardest this morning? And are there any nominations that are acting as a soothing salve to heal your Emmy wounds? Holla back in the comments section below!

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