July 16, 2009 at 04:05 PM EDT

Dana Carvey was a man possessed yesterday on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien,tearing into one punch line after the next with the energy of a manicdog in a chew-toy showroom. The 15-minute interview essentiallyconsists of O’Brien throwing out topics — “Schwarzenegger: Go!””Obama: Go!” — and Carvey riffing and impersonating with stream-of-consciousness abandon. If one bit doesn’t work, not to worry, within seconds Carvey’s on to the next subject. I particularly enjoyed Carvey’s imitations of three generations of Tonight Show hosts, his “Al Gore as a gay Forrest Gump” routine, his riff on Larry King and birds, and his depiction of taking his teenage son to theCollisseum (“We’re just gonna hang out in this weird old stadium?”).Indeed, Carvey wasn’t lie-telling when he shouted “I’m a crowd pleaser!I will do anyhing for these people!” at the top of the interview. Check out the interview (embedded in two parts, below), and share your thoughts: Did Carvey kill it? Which of his jokes did you like best? And is this man ready for a return to network prime time?

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