July 16, 2009 at 05:48 PM EDT

You know how some people, like Chris Rock, insist the only way to keep your comedic edge is by doing stand-up? Well, Rock’s former SNL colleague Adam Sandler is not one of them (Hey, maybe that explains Little Nicky! I jest, of course. Nothing can explain Little Nicky.) The Happy Gilmore star stopped doing stand-up back in the ’90s and, one suspects, would never have returned to the form had his old pal Judd Apatow not tapped him to play a comedian in the new movie Funny People, which opens in a couple of weeks. The promotional film below tracks Sandler as, to prepare for the movie, he hits the stage again—and at one point manages to hit himself in the mouth with a microphone. It’s pretty interesting to watch the rusty and seemingly reluctant comedian trying to get his stand-up chops back, even if he does have the distinct, audience-pleasing, advantage of being, you know, Adam Sandler. And the clip concludes with some pretty hilarious material in which Sandler describes how his mother and Rod Stewart lead very different lives despite being the same age. Be warned: much of the content may be unsuitable for, well, your mother.

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