Oh, Tony Hale, we love you so. Arrested Development‘s former Buster stars in a new Web series for NBC called Ctrl, based on the short film Ctrl Z in which Hale also starred, about an office drone whose keyboard magically allows him to “undo” just about anything. So far, the third episode is the best:

In case you didn’t notice, the series is sponsored by a certain mass-produced iced tea, hence the constant presence of a bottle of said product in every shot, which is the only real complaint I have about the otherwise charming little show. (Well, that and I’m not crazy about NBC’s video player.) Hale’s vulnerable everydude is something I’d watch in any format, and the zippy storyline makes for ideal Web viewing.

Whattaya think, PopWatchers? Are you losing control for Ctrl, or are you hitting Esc?

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