By Tanner Stransky
Updated July 15, 2009 at 06:08 PM EDT

When I cracked this morning’s New York Post and saw the pictures of President Barack Obama’s first pitch at last night’s All-Star Game — because, let’s get real, I didn’t watch, I was too busy with higher-brow activities like watching Big Brother — I noticed only one thing: our Commander in Chief’s dad jeans. Did anyone else see the ode to well-meaning fathers everywhere? I recognized them immediately! And wondered: Did Obama’s stylist come steal them from the closet of Frank Stransky?

I suppose President Obama is indeed a father, so we should allow him such a strike against humanity. And I guess he couldn’t have come out in skin-tight baseball pants (or, rather, why not?) or the suit pants that he normally dons. But my, oh my. I wasn’t ready to see him in such an ill-fitting pair of what look like 501s. I thought he was cooler than that, somehow. This humanizing of the President doesn’t sit so well with me. See the video of his pitch below — the view of the egregious dad jeans is best about 50 seconds in.

I guess it should be said that, forgetting about the dad jeans breach for a second, Obama did do his duty and didn’t let the ceremonial first pitch hit the dirt, but just barely. (St. Louis Cardinals all-star Albert Pujols saved him by casually making a really nice grab at the last second.) Also, random observation: Obama is a lefty. I’m sure everyone else already knew this (or not?), but I’m just coming up to speed. Makes sense, since lefties are usually extra smart and all that.

PopWatchers: Did you take note of Obama’s dad jeans? Are they also straight from your father’s glamorous wardrobe? Did you watch the All-Star Game — or were you in the gutter with me watching Big Brother instead?