Man oh man is The Hurt Locker a great movie. And you don’t have to just take my word for it. EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum gave Kathryn Bigelow’s intense drama about bomb defusers in Baghdad a solid A. Part of the film’s strength is its unflinching realism: The three central actors — Jeremy Renner, EW Action Hottie Anthony Mackie, and Brian Geraghty — appear on screen not as glossy stars, but as dirty, sweaty, supremely stressed-out soldiers stuck in the middle of a dehumanizing war zone. I was pretty shocked, then, to discover a major anachronism in this otherwise air-tight movie. In an early scene, Geraghty’s character observes a local man filming him with a video camera and says, “He’s getting ready to put me on YouTube.” Title cards at the beginning of the film tell us that The Hurt Locker takes place in 2004. YouTube, on the other hand, didn’t launch until 2005. Ooops.

Since I am an obsessive freak, the error nagged at me for the rest of the movie. Which is why I’m adding glaring anachronisms to my ever-growing list of Pop Culture Pet Peeves. I’m sure you’ve all been irked by them over the years, too. Which take-you-out-of-the-viewing-experience anachronisms — in movies or TV — have bugged the crap outta you? Oh do share, PopWatchers. You know how I love a communal gripe fest.