By Tanner Stransky
Updated July 15, 2009 at 07:30 PM EDT

The cast and crew of Hair clearly knows who makes up a huge portion of their audience. Or maybe they’re just good people. Or both. Why? The Broadway production announced yesterday that it plans to cancel its Oct. 11 performance so that the cast can be in Washington, D.C. and participate in the National Equality March for gay marriage. Yes, gays love Hair, gays want equality, and such a move only endears we gays to Hair even more. Smart! See what I mean about knowing their audience? Let the sun shine in, indeed! Woohoo!

According to a Hair producer, the fight for gay marriage has become a company passion after activist efforts were spearheaded by star Gavin Creel, who is openly gay and plays Claude. What’s great about this particular move, however, is that it’s not like the announcement out of the Hair camp was that Creel will be taking a day off from the show so he can go down to D.C. by himself and fight a personal fight. No, the entire cast (and, although it doesn’t say it explicitly in the Variety story, the crew, too?) will be going. It’s inspiring to see Creel be supported by the entire cast, whether they’re gay or straight.

My one question, in light of this news: How are the rest of the casts on the Great White Way going to react? You all gonna ante up and make the trip, too? Just because Hair encompasses themes of sexual freedom doesn’t mean that it’s the only Broadway show loved by gays. Hell, gays love most of Broadway! We watch it, work for it, write about it (ahem), etc. So I think the challenge should be for more productions than just Hairto take Oct. 11 off and head down to D.C. to march for equal rights. Wouldn’t you agree, PopWatchers? Shouldn’t shows like Wicked and Billy Elliot follow the lead of Hair?

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