It was a killer ending on July 11 for Harper’s Island, CBS’ limited-run series about a serial murderer who wreaks havoc on a Pacific Northwest wedding. Unfortunately, the killer’s final slash of the knife marked the end of the horror series, as well. Though the show’s finale may have attracted its best audience (3.8 million) since May 23, insiders insist there won’t be another installment of the show that starred Christopher Gorham, Elaine Cassidy, and Katie Cassidy (pictured). CBS won’t officially comment, but the heavily-serialized drama was never a star performer — it averaged 4.8 million viewers over its 13-episode run — thus it being relegated to Saturdays after briefly airing on Thursdays in the spring.

The series was originally designed as a Survivor-style anthology; the show could reinvent itself with a new locale and fresh players each season but the conceit would largely remain the same, i.e. a killer’s on the loose and he/she is racking up victims over a 13-week period.

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