By Mandi Bierly
Updated December 20, 2019 at 10:10 AM EST

The only thing bad about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opening Wednesday is that Daniel Radcliffe won’t have a reason to hit the talk show circuit. I resisted him for as long as I could, then yesterday, binged on the following clips online. Which TV talk show appearance has been your favorite? (If I missed one, link me!)

NBC’s Today: The reason this clip got embedded is because Daniel is at his most handsome in this purple button-down shirt — and because the Today set and wand graphic/sound effect kill me. Also, he gets so excited talking about his ping pong skillsand how he cheats at Monopoly.

Live with Regis and Kelly: Oh, Reege, only you could get away with a question like, “So where does this film take place? What’s going on?”But, at least he makes up for it with the brilliant, “What kind of woman fascinates you at this age?” Daniel says he’s looking for someone who’s funny, intelligent, and slightly mad and eccentric. Of course, when he mentions that the media has made much of his interest in older women, Kelly leans in to ask “How old?” (Daniel says, “I should be so lucky, Kelly.” So smooth.) Turns out Dan’s open to Helen Mirren, who, naturally, Regis confuses with Halle Berry (???).

CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman: Don’t you love someone even more the second after they make David Letterman laugh? Here, Daniel scores by revealing that he’s not exactly Mr. Clean in his bachelor pad, ergo he’s asked for a hand-held vacuum cleaner for his upcoming birthday. (Letterman gifts him a Dust Buster.) He also proves his comedic timing by answering “No,” when Dave asks him if he’s college-minded, like Emma Watson. (Click here for the full appearance.)

MTV’s It’s On with Alexa Chung: It’s trivia time! If Dan had a magical wand, he would use it for something selfish, like to make himself a “brilliant driver of really fast cars” because he doesn’t have a license. He did no manscaping for Equus. His ideal date would be a cricket match. Though people would like to hear that he’s spent his Potter paychecks on “cars or heroin,” he opted for artwork. He’s notoriously thrifty.Part 2shows just what a good sport he is, as he puts on various spectacles and other accessories to become Kanye West Potter, Michael Phelps Potter, Sarah Palin Potter, Porn Star Potter (he does look good in a mustache) and Lauren Conrad Potter. This exchange is, quite possibly, the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard:

Daniel: Who’s that?

Alexa: That’s Lauren Conrad.

Daniel: Again, who’s that?

CBS’ The Early Show: The most serious interview of the press tour. Maggie Rodriguez asks him if a guy his age, 19, even thinks about marriage and children. “I’m really excited about the idea of having kids. I’m not gonna do it for a while,” he says, “but it’s been interesting for me because a lot of people on the Potter set have had kids recently, and to see the difference it’s made in their lives. They are so much more tired than they were before, but they’re a lot happier. The joy in these people. They have been changed in a kind of amazing way. And also I do love kids. I think kids are so much cooler than adults to talk to ’cause they’re just honest and they don’t care what they say, and I find it hilariously funny.” You’ve all read about his interview with a terrified 11-year-old reporter from Scholastic News at Half-Blood Prince‘s New York premiere, right? Adorable. (Thanks to PopWatcher Cassie Wentlandt from Madison, WI, for making sure I saw it.)

Now, time to vote. Which of Daniel’s Half-Blood Prince appearances has been your favorite? And again, write-ins (with links!) are welcome.

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