By Kate Ward
Updated July 14, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Bonjour PopWatchers! Do you know what today is? A hint: C’est un jour très plus important pour les amis français. That’s right — it’s Bastille Day! (And my apologies to all French-speaking PopWatchers for mangling your wonderful language.)

Unfortunately, I’m forced to spend the holiday sitting at my desk instead of gorging on baguettes and brie. But as I sit here dreaming about fresh-baked éclaires, I find myself also pondering the finest films France has to offer. Some of my favorites? Besides the obvious—Amélie, La Cage Aux Folles—I’m partial to The Valet, The Dinner Game and, of course, La Boum (featuring a mini Sophie Marceau!).

Your turn! In celebration of Bastille Day, let’s name our favorite francophone films! (And, no, I’m not counting Jerry Lewis flicks.) Une bonne idée, non?