I went to a Harry Potter-themed improv comedy show Saturday night, and it was great — Slytherin vs. Griffyndor, aaaaaall kinds of Hogwarts jokes, a “ghost of Cedric Diggory” bit that was met with cries of “too soon,” etc. It was a big ole nerdcon, and I felt at home among my people, which got me thinking about why I geek out so hard on Harry Potter stuff. And I’ve decided that it’s all your fault.

In a good way! Harry Potter fans seem to be an unusually creative people. Yeah, we have a lot of material to work from, but people are making golden snitch pasties (SFW) for goodness sake. Are other fandoms doing that? Inquiring nipples want to know. Remember the Harry Potter musical? The entire genre of “wizard rock”? There was a Harry Potter PostSecret this weekend, proving that our favorite junior wizard saves lives, and there’s the What Would Dumbledore Do? philanthropic movement to “carry on his lessons on the importance of laughter and playfulness, working for equality, speaking up about the real issues, allowing oneself to grieve, to trust, and most of all to acknowledge love as the only rational act.” Amazing.

Is this my imagination, PopWatchers, or have you noticed a delightful abundance of Harry Potter fan-made awesomeness, too? Are you a mere observer, or have you created some Harry Potter works of art?