By Margaret Lyons
Updated July 11, 2009 at 07:48 PM EDT

Ah, Twitter memes; they come and go so quickly. This week’s big hit was #1stdraftmovielines, in which the Twitterverse took iconic lines and wondered what they could have been if not for a trusty rewrite. Some were hilarious, some were confusing, and a lot tackled the same lines. Still, from the chaos emerged stars, and these are some of our favorites:

“Adrian! Excuse me! Adrian!” — @robcorddry

“Hi, I’m Harpo Marx. I don’t speak. Here, let me sound this bicycle horn and make a comical face.” — @dynamoe

“Bond. James Bond, D.D.S.” — @timcarvell

“I’m getting too old for this youth related insanity.” — @paulscheer

“Then, Dorothy, repeat these words: ‘Home is one of my top travel destinations.'” — @sashafrerejones

“Sometimes there is so much forced metaphor for meaning in the world, like this paper bag for example.” — @alexblagg

“E.T. needs to make a call.” — @seangunn

The pictured tweet is from @kentremendous (aka Office writer Michael Schur).

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