July 11, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Aaaaah, the highs … and lows!Let’s start with the highs: Brandon and Jeanette stood out for all the right reasons! Although I did tease them, saying they must practice more, they’re letting down the entire show, and their report says “must try harder”! They are the dream team at the moment. Their tango was super hot and looked completely effortless. Then they had the pleasure of working with Wade Robson on a jazz routine that was a cartoon burglar extravaganza! Loved the Roisin Murphy track too! I downloaded it yesterday it will definitely be on my summertime barbecue playlist.

Kupono and Kayla did Broadway and Contemporary. Mia Michaels was in full effect! Nobody quite understands how her brain works — she finds inspiration in everything from the sublime to the ridiculous. This piece was all about addiction. Kupono found it very difficult, as his family has been touched by drug issues in the past. However, when he harnessed that emotion and performed he knocked the judges’ socks off!

Now the lows: Phillip and Jeanine’s Russian dance. What the FOLK?! I mean, I have to give it to them —  they really tried, really gave it their all! But it just wasn’t right for the show, and not impressive enough for the judges. I don’t think it will be coming back anytime soon, which I’m sure Phillip is very happy about, as I don’t know how much more blush he could take!

Melissa and Ade performed superbly. But their Disco hit a low right at the very end, when Melissa hit the deck in her end position. She picked herself up, dusted herself off, and strolled over to the judging panel. Love that! For all of us clumsy girls out there who will always find a step, a wire, a lifted rug or a banana skin, it was a moment of solidarity! I always pray everytime I walk onto the stage that I will make it from the back of the set to the front without falling on my behind. I’ve done it before and I’m sure I’ll do it again. I’ve slipped, fallen and even run into a door head-first! Unfortunately for the audience (and fortunately for me), it wasn’t caught on camera!

It was Tyce’s first time on the panel Wednesday night. He always worries that he is too harsh. But we love his constructive criticism and his opinions — he is always for the dancer! You can take the boy out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take the Brooklyn out of the boy! He is just sooo “snap-ilious”! Too fabulous for words!

I think all the dancers are finding it exceptionally hard this week. They know that their performances are critical and could guarantee them a place in that all-important Top 10. If they can make it to next week, they all know that win or lose, they get to go on tour. The Top 10 are set to do a 40-date tour starting in September. The dancers from the past seasons always say this is a great life experience — I can vouch for that! I’ve seen the pictures! ALL of the pictures!So when Nigel announced on Thursday that, despite leaving the show, Phillip and Caitlin would be the swing dancers on tour, the whole studio gave a sigh of relief! It was actually a really great ending to the show, and Nigel has never done that before, so he really must think that Phillip and Caitlin are special. Either that, or he was also feeling in an exceptionally good mood, as it was his birthday. He’s having a party in Lake Las Vegas this weekend. He’s 60, so I think it will be a “substantial celebration.” I’ll report back with all the gossip next week!

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